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Burton SLX Snowboard boot 2017 Test

The best boot in the world?

The best boot in the world?

img_0544So, here it is. This years Burton SLX snowboard boot. As usual its the top of the range boot from Burton, but it has some nice upgrades making it a definite improvement on previous models.

Firstly. The thing about the SLX is that it isn’t too stiff, so it’s suitable for most levels of rider. Anyone from intermediate upwards will appreciate its light weight and responsiveness. Also, the fast lace system is a joy to use and enables you to get just the right tension in the upper and lower zones separately. It’s accurate, easy to use and of course fast!

For those of you that that don’t know, the SLX has an articulated cuff which means that the boot flexes more naturally and keeps its stiffness more even throughout its life. Its a feature which costs more to produce so only comes on high end boots like this.

The two things that I really like about this years boots are the new LIFE + liner which promises to be harder wearing and provide better ventilation meaning less pong and much cooler feet in those sweaty spring conditions. It’s still warm and of course super dry. The other thing that I think will be a real improvement is the way that the boot is moulded in the toe area. There are no seams to let in water or get caught by your binding which could potentially tear the stitching. Essentially there isn’t any. It’s smooth and the construction looks sweet.

Apparently the new liner also has the ability to be heat moulded several times, rather than just once in previous models. So if you really wanted to the boot could be sold and remoulded to a different foot. I can’t see you ever wanting to sell this boot on personally but the option is there if you wanted to.

Anyway. That’s my first impressions on this years boot. I hope it helps. Loulou has plenty of sizes to try in Snodroppe, so just pop in if you fancy slipping your foot into one of the best boots money can buy.