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Off piste week

off, piste, off-pisteoff, piste, off piste, image imageCheck out some of the pics from last weeks #offpiste course here in #Tignes Conditions were fantastic and there is more snow falling as I type.

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So, condition were perfect for the off piste course in Tignes. We managed to get epic lines in Chardonnay, Grapion and some secret stuff in Les Boisses. Everyone had a great week. Some pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and all had a great time. Running our off-piste weeks is my favorite sort of work. To me to be able to share my knowledge of the back country of Tignes is a total gift. Its not without its risks, but its certainly not without its rewards either. Of course everyone that comes on a Rebel Alliance off-piste course is given all the necessary safety equipment and everyone is fully versed on how to use it. The one picture above explains why.