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Burton SLX Snowboard boot 2017 Test

The best boot in the world?

The best boot in the world?

img_0544So, here it is. This years Burton SLX snowboard boot. As usual its the top of the range boot from Burton, but it has some nice upgrades making it a definite improvement on previous models.

Firstly. The thing about the SLX is that it isn’t too stiff, so it’s suitable for most levels of rider. Anyone from intermediate upwards will appreciate its light weight and responsiveness. Also, the fast lace system is a joy to use and enables you to get just the right tension in the upper and lower zones separately. It’s accurate, easy to use and of course fast!

For those of you that that don’t know, the SLX has an articulated cuff which means that the boot flexes more naturally and keeps its stiffness more even throughout its life. Its a feature which costs more to produce so only comes on high end boots like this.

The two things that I really like about this years boots are the new LIFE + liner which promises to be harder wearing and provide better ventilation meaning less pong and much cooler feet in those sweaty spring conditions. It’s still warm and of course super dry. The other thing that I think will be a real improvement is the way that the boot is moulded in the toe area. There are no seams to let in water or get caught by your binding which could potentially tear the stitching. Essentially there isn’t any. It’s smooth and the construction looks sweet.

Apparently the new liner also has the ability to be heat moulded several times, rather than just once in previous models. So if you really wanted to the boot could be sold and remoulded to a different foot. I can’t see you ever wanting to sell this boot on personally but the option is there if you wanted to.

Anyway. That’s my first impressions on this years boot. I hope it helps. Loulou has plenty of sizes to try in Snodroppe, so just pop in if you fancy slipping your foot into one of the best boots money can buy.


This will give you an idea of what it’s like on an off-piste course with Si from Rebel Alliance Snowboarding


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Burton Flight Attendant

Last year I had the opportunity to test this years Burton Flight Attendant Snowboard with Loulou from Snodroppe. We rode a few of the classic lines of the Espace Killy like the Dead Trees, Tour de Pramecou and La petite Balme. It was amazing, the board handled like a dream. I have to admit I haven’t ridden a real free ride machine for years. I have either used my Antler (twin) or a pure pow board like a fish which only works well when the conditions are perfect. Loulou said this could be a great stick for guys coming on my off-piste courses, so I gave it a try.

The Flight Attendant made riding challenging snow a breeze. It soaked up the ruts and gripped on the ice. It was also mega fast in the afternoon slush. Although I usually ride short boards Loulou convinced me that this board needed to be ridden a bit longer, and he wasn’t wrong (when is he). So I took a 159 and never regretted it. Even with the bit longer length it was no hassle in the trees of Val d’sere. Its lightness made it easy to jump turn my way down steep narrow sections without getting hung up.

Even on the groomers I loved it. It had the width and edge hold to carve like nothing else I have ridden before. It was such a pleasure to lay down a big euro carve and feel confident in the fact that it was not letting go. No matter what the snow was like.

Lastly jibbing. With a friendly flex the Burton Flight Attendant had the ability to butter and pop ollies with no trouble at all. Who would have thought it! Im not saying it was a jib stick, but I certainly didn’t feel that I was going to catch an edge every time I landed a backside 1.

So to sum up. The Burton Flight Attendant was an awesome freeride board that would suit any level rider wanting to charge the back country or groomers with the ability to do a couple of laps through the park at the end of the day without ending up on your ass!

Snodroppe has the Flight Attendant to test or buy. Go chat to the boys there and try for yourself.

Summer snowboarding in Tignes with Mountain Sun

img_9671 img_9673 img_9793

Mountain Sun Summer Activity Holidays in Tignes & Dolomites. When the winter snow melts, the mountains spring to life and transform into a natural adventure playground for the energetic or a fabulous place to relax.

If you have never experienced the Alps in summer then you should. It is a relaxed or as hectic as you want it to be. Mountain biking, climbing, walking, canyoning, summer snowboarding, skiing, BBQ’s. What more could you want and a super chilled place to base yourself from. The hotel has an amazing sun deck and jacuzzi. It also has a very nice bar to have a cool beer at the end of the days activities. For me the best part about this hotel is the people. You couldn’t find friendlier staff  anywhere in resort.


November Performance Camps

IMG_8758 IMG_8751For those of you that don’t know, my November Performance Camps run from the Meleze in Les Boisses and offer a chance to get an early shred before the season kicks off. It’s a great way to meet new people, have some laughs and really improve your riding. Conditions last season were still very good despite the lack of snow lower down. Luckily the glacier always delivers. We can get epic conditions at the start of the season and there is almost no one on the hill.
The dates for next seasons Performance Camps are as follows.

19-22nd November. Full

22-25th November. Full

25-28th November. Full

28-1st December. Full

1st-4th December £460pp.

Also, just to sweeten the deal. Loulou at Snodroppe has some boards for sale from last season. New in the packets at some very good prices.
Cstm X 64w normally €700 now €490

Cstm X 58 normally €700 now €490

Nug 150 normally €420 now €294

Ripcord 156w normally €300 now €210

Name Dropper 155 normally €440 now €308

Custom 156 normally €600 now €420

Custom 158 normally €600 now €420

Talent scout wns 146 /149 normally €440 now €308
All boards come with a 3 year warranty. They can be reserved and picked up in resort when you get to the camp.
If anyone has any questions feel free to call me or drop me an email.

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Off piste week

off, piste, off-pisteoff, piste, off piste, image imageCheck out some of the pics from last weeks #offpiste course here in #Tignes Conditions were fantastic and there is more snow falling as I type.

image image image image image image



So, condition were perfect for the off piste course in Tignes. We managed to get epic lines in Chardonnay, Grapion and some secret stuff in Les Boisses. Everyone had a great week. Some pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and all had a great time. Running our off-piste weeks is my favorite sort of work. To me to be able to share my knowledge of the back country of Tignes is a total gift. Its not without its risks, but its certainly not without its rewards either. Of course everyone that comes on a Rebel Alliance off-piste course is given all the necessary safety equipment and everyone is fully versed on how to use it. The one picture above explains why.