Airblaster Beast Suit

The Airblaster Beast Onesie is the most waterproof, comfortable and hardwearing piece of outerwear I have ever owned.

I have been wearing one of these suits for the last 3 years in Japan for 2 months straight. I have endured some of the harshest conditions around. I have hiked to the top of Yotei in it for 5 hours and didn’t feel overly hot or sweaty.

The fit is just right. I can move in all positions but the suit doesn’t look like a clown outfit. Its super well tailored and the quality of the stitching is amazing! On the bottom of the legs it is 4 x stitched which means it never frays, even if you walk on it.

The zips are waterproof and well placed. The pockets also are designed well and are great for storing stuff.

I cant wait to wear my new one this year!!!

New 2020 Rossignol Sashimi.

New 2020 Rossignol Sashimi. If you are looking to buy a board that rides effortlessly off piste, but still carves well on piste, can hold an edge on hard pack steeps and can even hit a kicker in the park, then look no further than the New 2020 Rossignol Sashimi. It’s part of the Xavier de la Rue signature series of free ride boards. Anyone wondering who Xavier is have a quick look at this link and you’ll get an idea why if you had him on your team, giving feedback on how your boards should be designed you’d be very happy.

I was lucky enough to have been given one of these super sticks last year in its demo form “black ops” a pure black, no graphic version of what has been tweeked and developed into what you see here. The binding inserts have moved slightly, the base feels lightning fast and the top sheet is not only stylish, but also adds a more snappy feel than the stripped down black version.

Out here in Japan the board causes quite a stir with the locals who think it’s quite funny that a European brand names boards after one of their favourite foods. Same thing happens when I ride the Sushi. The other XR board.

This guys wants to take a photo of my Sushi

Of course the Sashimi’s main function is riding powder and it does it better than any other board I have ever ridden. I have ridden a lot of boards! The tail is just long enough to make it turn quickly in trees, but has enough rocker and length that if I find myself in a tricky situation then I can ride switch. The tail is also quite stiff which gives it plenty of drive into and out of big powder slashes. The nose has the perfect flex and shape to enable it to float effortlessly in powder, whether it’s untracked or chopped up. The whole shape looks stealth and rides like a rocket. As I said before the base is hyper fast. I’ve only had it serviced once and it still leaves other boards in its powder wake. The whole package is wrapped in a gorgeous top sheet which holds the balance between style and Japanese culture.

I love it!

I’ve been lucky enough to be given a fleet of Sashimi’s and Sushi’s for my camps in Japan, so anyone who attends has the opportunity to ride one of these boards in the conditions it was designed for. Thanks Mr Rossignol.

Daz and I on a day out with the Sushi’s in Rusutsu

If anyone is interested in joining one of my Japan camps in 2020 then please get in touch for more details. It’s everything you’ve heard it is……

Justin getting his fix in Rusutsu