Airblaster Beast Suit

The Airblaster Beast Onesie is the most waterproof, comfortable and hardwearing piece of outerwear I have ever owned.

I have been wearing one of these suits for the last 3 years in Japan for 2 months straight. I have endured some of the harshest conditions around. I have hiked to the top of Yotei in it for 5 hours and didn’t feel overly hot or sweaty.

The fit is just right. I can move in all positions but the suit doesn’t look like a clown outfit. Its super well tailored and the quality of the stitching is amazing! On the bottom of the legs it is 4 x stitched which means it never frays, even if you walk on it.

The zips are waterproof and well placed. The pockets also are designed well and are great for storing stuff.

I cant wait to wear my new one this year!!!